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  • A Single Wrapped Red Rose

    A Single Wrapped Red Rose

    From $45

    Romance is in full bloom in this dramatic single red rose from Lily’s Florist Tweed Heads....

  • Single  Red Rose in Presentation Box

    Single Red Rose in Presentation Box

    From $55

    There is good reason red roses are given to those we love the most, and it's because red i...

  • Single Wrapped Rose With Teddy

    Single Wrapped Rose With Teddy

    From $65

  • 6 Red Roses Bunch

    6 Red Roses Bunch

    From $75

  • 6 Red Roses Arrangement

    6 Red Roses Arrangement

    From $85

    Please note that the box shown is for display purposes only. If you order a box/arrangemen...

  • 6 Red Rose Bunch With Teddy And Chocs

    6 Red Rose Bunch With Teddy And Chocs

    From $110

  • 12 Red Roses Bunch

    12 Red Roses Bunch

    From $125

  • 12 Red Rose Bunch With Teddy & Chocs

    12 Red Rose Bunch With Teddy & Chocs

    From $155



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Lily’s Florist Tweed Heads, your number #1 Tweed Heads florist, is not just about business-it is about tradition. With a store in Tweed Heads, Lily’s Florist provides flower garlands for all occasions. Customer satisfaction is our top priority. From hidden love to friendly love, Lily’s Florist Tweed Heads offers a wide range of flower arrangements that represent love as well as many other emotions.

Lily’s Florists Tweed Heads’ main emphasis is about bringing a piece of love and elegance to your home! Located along the Tweed River in north eastern New South Wales, Tweed Heads is one of the most visited tourist destinations in Australia.

It is next to the border with Queensland, neighbouring the “Twin Town” of Coolangatta, a village of the Gold Coast. Tweet Heads is normally known as a town where you can alter the time zones; New Year can be celebrated twice within an hour just by crossing the street because it is close to the Queensland border, and due to the fact that NSW observes daylight saving something that Queensland does not do.
It is believed that Tweed Heads, 20 million years ago, was a large shield volcano extending from Byron to Nerang as well as far beyond the sea.

Over a period of time, the volcano was extinct and the torrential rain swept away the lava, leaving a huge volcano plug, which is today referred to as Mt. Warming as well as a caldera, the neighboring mountains, the McPherson as well as Nightcap Ranges.

Adjacent to the Queensland’s word most famous Gold Coast, Tweed Heads offers a less crowded alternative to the glitz and glamour.

The town has safe and patrolled beaches packed with First-class apartment accommodation and resort hotels, sun-drenched cafes, a vibrant boutique shopping as well as a lot of family entertainment. You will find even more entertainment in store at clubs such as Tweed Heads Bowls Club, Seagulls, Club Banora, and Twin Towns where the gig guide is characterized by major international stars as well as Australian-grown chart-choppers.

This town was once connected to the Queensland Railways system, being directly connected to Brisbane by the South Coast line. The railways was opened in 1903 and by 1961, it was closed. The station site has since been converted to commercial development and parklands.

In 1844, the cedar getters moved to Tweed Valley searching for timber with which to set up their camp next to deep water at “Teranora” and build houses of Sydney; after they had cleared the timber, farmers moved in and dairy farming, sugar cane and banana farming became prominent besides the development of industries. Tweed became the major exporters of these products since 1990. However, tourism has emerged as the main source of income since the world war II.A huge influx of retirees from the southern Australia has made this town to be among the fastest growing areas in Australia.

Due to the closeness of Tweed Heads and Gold Coast, the town has shared economy with the Coolangatta with tourism being the main source of income. The most popular tourist destination in Tweed Heads include Lamington National Parks, Springbrook, Border Ranges, Nightcap as well as Mount Warming which is among the largest shield volcanoes in the Southern Hemisphere.

Another major draw card in the town is the Tweed River estuary and Harbour. This allows you to board cruises along the waterways via the cane fields to the historic river villages.

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